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Devorah Yaffa Singer

The on-line series, Lights of Emunah, in a nutshell presents what I call "G-d Consciousness Building Tools". Our emunah (from the hebrew word l'hitamen which means to practice) is like a muscle that needs to be 'exercised' daily. My series is designed to give us a real 'spiritual workout'. Learning to develop and maintain consciousness of Hashem's all-loving and all-constant Presence in our lives is the purpose of life, the purpose of Torah and mitzvoth, the key to Geula, and the key to our personal balance and sanity!!!

I would like to gift the Global Geula Summit community with the first month of the recordings to my on-line series Lights of Emunah. Anyone continuing on with me in this 32-part series will also receive a monthly phone coaching session, helping to personalize their relationship with the Borei Olam. To receive your first month FREE, EMAIL ME!


MEET Mrs. Devorah Yaffa Singer, originator of the Lights of Emunah series, which she has been teaching for the past 10 years throughout Israel as well as globally via on-line and phone tele-conferencing. Devorah Yaffa has developed what she calls "G-d Consciousness Building Tools".

At the beginning of 2013, Devorah Yaffa launched the website, a "one stop emunah hub". Most recently, Devorah Yaffa envisioned and implemented a 10 year dream to create a day of learning entirely devoted to connecting more deeply with Hashem: EMUNAH DAY 2018, 2019 and just last month EMUNAH DAY 2020 were hosted to sold out crowds at the Aish Hatorah World Center in Jerusalem and was the fulfillment of that dream. (to view all the presentations from all three Emunah Days, visit

Devorah Yaffa's vision in spreading the Lights of Emunah,, and IY'H organizing more "Emunah Days" and "Emunah Retreats" is to "build a community of Jewish women committed to developing a more personal and palpable relationship with HaKadosh Baruch Hu."

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