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Miriam Yerushalmi



Miriam Yerushalmi holds a double MS in Psychology and Marriage and Family Counseling. Trained at Pepperdine University (graduation 1990), Miriam works in private practice with families and children. She founded SANE, a non profit organization, and volunteers many hours providing a resource for the neediest to access appropriate Mental Health care.

Miriam is uniquely skilled at combining behavioral and humanistic approaches to address a wide spectrum of psychopathology. From panic disorders to addiction to depressive and bipolar disorders, anxiety, anger management and ADHD, Miriam imparts self regulation techniques where clients learn to develop tools for a balanced and fulfilled life.

Miriam Yerushalmi fuses essential Torah principles with her background in Mental Health to empower individuals to release their inner healing potential while aligning with life's purpose on essential life issues, ranging from relationships and parenting to self improvement.

Miriam is a sought after speaker who lectures internationally and has over 500 audio classes available. She lectures for Torah Anytime and has presented workshops at the annual Nefesh conference for therapists. Since 2014 she began working for SPARKS as a counselor, in addition giving teleconferences and webinars on the topics of mental health, she writes article for, Jewish Press, Table for Five in the Jewish Journal. Nashim, Magazine and True Balance.

Miriam has authored four adult books one her "Reaching New Heights" self-help series, with endorsements from Dr. Avraham Twersky, Rabbi Shlomo Majeski and Rabbi Chaim Miller. She has also produced 12 children books translated into Yiddish and Hebrew and has produced over 300 lectures in digital audio format.

Miriam has pioneered CBTT(TM), Cognitive Behavioral Torah Therapy, is a holistic therapeutic approach based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, with the addition of Torah perspective and wisdom, that can help people struggling with psychological, emotional, and even psychiatric issues, as well as those who simply want to live a healthy, fulfilling Jewish life.

These Torah principles applied as a methodology to full spectrum of psychological challenges and disorders has been proven very successful, and can be applied beneficially to almost any challenge one may face.

CBTT helps you balance the needs of the body--including nutrition, diet, sleep, and exercise-- with those of the soul, and then helps one utilize the neshamah, with it's inherent soul powers, and puts to good use one's faculty of imagination to achieve self actualization.

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