Global Geula Summit

Rabbi Pinchas Winston

February 6, 2020
11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific, 6PM Israel

Creating a Rectified, Divine World

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Speaker Bio

Rabbi Pinchas Winston lives in Telzstone, Israel, and writes full time. He has a weekly parsha sheet called "Perceptions", and several books on various topics of Torah philosophy, most of which are available through Amazon, or his personal web site, He has also uploaded videos to YouTube, some of which are recorded public lectures.

He attended Aish HaTorah Jerusalem from 1981-88, during which time he received semichah from Rabbi Avraham Kofshitz, zt"l.

Part of his mission is to make some of the more mystical but relevant ideas accessible to those who may not have the opportunity to learn them, as well as to heighten awareness of the need to yearn for redemption, and the role Eretz Yisroel plays in redemption process.

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