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Rachel L. Neumann



As an empowerment coach, energy healer and spiritual teacher, I invite you to meet me by reviewing my blog posts and exploring my website at the links above.

My Gift to You: My tips for unraveling a messy mind-- Ways to be Miserable and Ways to Create Peace -- are identified in my two-page PDF entitled Don't Make a Bad Situation Unbearable. It's available for download HERE.

Free Gift with sign up: My Free Quick Audio is available with sign up on both my website and blog (linked above). It is a 15-minute audio entitled A Key Secret to Empowered Living.

Join me for a Complimentary Discovery Session: My work as an empowerment coach, energy healer and spiritual teacher puts me in touch with the messiness of life and with the confusion of these times. Never before in my lifetime have I seen and felt such upheaval, doubt, and confusion. If you are truly ready to heal at every level of your being, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and if you are ready to balance your minerals, detox, nourish and replenish your energy, and you have not been a client of mine, I invite you to reach out to me HERE for a complimentary Discovery Session.


Rachel L. Neumann supports her clients' intentions of growth and transformation emotionally, physically and spiritually.

With decades of experience supporting clients to restored mental, emotional, and physical health and wholeness, Rachel's vast knowledge and experience with body centered psychotherapy, spirituality, meditation, and functional and metabolic balance, has awakened clients around the world, supporting them to obtain their highest potential.

Rachel holds advanced certification in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and is certified in Matrix Reimprinting and therapeutic massage and bodywork. Training in Applied Kinesiology, metabolic balance and nutrition, the removal of spiritual and emotional blocks, relationship transformation, meditation and contemplative Spiritual practices are the foundations of her practice. Rachel's clients are men, women, caregivers, senior citizens, the middle aged, young children, teenagers, organ transplant recipients, the chronically ill, the addicted, the depressed, the bewildered and confused, as well as the families of all those mentioned.

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