Global Geula Summit

Rav Daniel Kohn

February 5, 2020
11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific

DIVINE CONTACT PRAYER: Touching Wholeness, Drawing Blessing, Creating Peace

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Speaker Bio

Rav Daniel Kohn is the Rav of Bat Ayin, a Hassidic village in the Judean Mountains of Israel, a teacher of deep Torah and a soulful clarinetist and composer of niggunim. Over the past 28 years, as a Rav and Rosh Yeshiva, he has taught Jewish techniques for spiritual awakening to thousands of students in his seminars and retreats. In his programs he uniquely combines profound and transformative Torah learning, deep Jewish meditation practices and expansive and uplifting music and song.

"It is not easy for me to put into words the significance of my learning with Rav Daniel. As a clinical psychologist and a practitioner of meditation for over thirty years, the learning with him and the practices and processes he facilitated have changed me forever. I found in Rav Daniel a true teacher of a powerful spiritual path to create change for the better. Through learning and spiritual work with him I have come to a new level of relationship with myself, my family and G-d." ...Joel Comet, Phd.

"Through the meditative and self-awareness practices Rav Daniel taught me, my ability to hear and articulate my feelings, values and desires has blossomed. The great blessing is that my renewed relationship with authentic prayer has expanded my heart as a vessel for HaShem's light and has transformed and uplifted not only my connection to Him, but also the family and personal relationships I value most." ...Rabbi Michael Feur

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