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Shana Neril

Teaching and enabling women to actualize radiant health of body mind and soul through self healing and empowerment techniques, nutrition, conscious lifestyle, spiritual coaching, and mind body energy work.


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Shana's approach is based on the premise that radiant health is each person's birthright. She is passionate about teaching her clients how to activate the self healing mechanisms of the body mind and soul and works with each individual to integrate various schools of thought and techniques in applying the most appropriate methods and protocols to each situation.

As a wellness and health coach and a certified Naturopathic clinician practicing for over 15 years, Shana empowers her clients to overcome a variety of mind body health and wellness challenges. Besides using Naturopathic techniques, she also incorporate standard blood and laboratory assessments to determine areas of weakness. Additionally, she is certified to use iridology, nutrition, detoxification, neuro-linguistic programming, chinese medicine, meditation, and mind body energy work to create a comprehensive, results oriented wellness plan.

Shana moved to Israel in 2006 when she took on an observant Jewish lifestyle. She believes that geulah means bringing full healing down all the way into the physical plane in addition to the emotional and spiritual. Her project on enabling women to break free of emotional compulsive eating is a clear expression of her commitment to the radical healing of body mind and soul that she feels is part of the geula process happening in the world right now. In so many cases she sees how one's relationship with food has limited them from completely healing and actualizing their full potential. She is dedicated to empowering and guiding women to successfully embark on this journey of rectifying their relationship with food. Her integration of the most powerful techniques to heal the body, reprogram the brain, and tap into the soul's potential offers those who are ready to heal a clear and effective way to experience deep healing and breakthroughs on all levels.

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