Global Geula Summit

Shifra Chana Hendrie

March 5, 2020
11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific

Living Geula

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Speaker Bio

Shifra Chana Hendrie has been studying and teaching about Redemption for over three decades. Inspired by the vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe -- a world of peace, joy, Godliness, awakened Divine consciousness and blessings emerging in our times -- Shifra's passion and purpose is to empower people of all backgrounds to co-create and experience that Divine, miraculous world, beginning in their own lives.

Shifra is the founder of Gate of Unity and the Geula Institute, and in her years as a Summit host, has interviewed some of the most innovative healers and thought leaders in the world today.

As a spiritual mentor, teacher, transformational coach and healer, she has helped thousands of people around the globe to experience profound and lasting shifts through life-changing programs, classes and support, all based on the mystical wisdom of authentic Kabbalah, the spiritual blueprint for creation.

Shifra has now opened a transformational online learning community, the Gate of Unity School for Spiritual Empowerment, in order to bring this profound, life-changing wisdom to people of all backgrounds worldwide.

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